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NOTE: in order to get the final certification award,

1 year of full training must be completed. 

Our Privacy Policy on Safe-Guarding Your Data

This website is an SSL-secured website that's protected by the modern advanced encryption to protect your data and privacy. Any information you share here in our contact forms or via the transacting & user verification systems will remain private and thus will not be shared with any unauthorized parties.


Our company has made a substantially reasonable effort to protect your user info and to safeguard your authentication details. By filling out this form, you agree to our terms of use agreement and the simple security verification process that would allow you to have FULL access to our training systems intended for premium / paid members only.

Our Terms of Use & Refund Policy 

By signing up to join our training programs via private user portals, you agree to our reasonable refund policy and grace periods. There are no locked-in contracts and no forced obligations. As a premium User who signed up for premium training plans, you would be eligible for a refund within the first 3 DAYS of signing up and viewing our private/premium training materials. If Loan Officer/Trainee does not close any loans and if they chose to be unsposored from our company, they will not be eligible for any refund deposit credits. However, the training deposit fee will be credited BACK from the closing of the first loan under our company sponsorship and supervision.


No refunds will be issued AFTER the 3-Day trial grace period expires. Warranted refunds are deemed as any of the following: accidental transactions covered within the grace/refund period, authorized user-testing transactions and demos, financial hardship (insufficient funds to cover training fees) and any incidental unauthorized transactions done by other users on your behalf (example: family member using your account info).


However, in order to get a certificate of completion, trainee MUST have been a member for a minimum of 1 year. During that year of using our training systems, User/Trainee will not be eligible for a refund due to having access to substantial value derivation, which is also intended to protect our intellectual rights and original content from being re-used or re-accessed or distributed without consideration nor compensation.


Furthermore, MLO Financial Group is NOT responsible for any of your career/life endeavors and affiliations NOR any of your financial and personal situations. In the event of personal financial distress, you agree to hold MLO Financial Group and its members HARMLESS of ANY damages thereby relinquishing the right to claim unjustified refunds, unauthorized charge-backs, fraudulent claims, undeserved partial refund/credit NOR ANY financial claims that do not adhere to our policies and agreement terms or what we consider unreasonable circumstances."

NOTE: These small fees are designed to cover admin support costs like @company inboxes, online/cloud tools and resources, processing and training support consultations and other team support. It is provided only to SPONSORED Loan Officers under our company.

This will create incentives for Loan Officers to remain  ACTIVE so that you can stay productive and well-educated in your professional field with essential support & tools. There will also be a $30 activation fee charged by NMLS.

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