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Reputable Company

Private Money Lending
If you are looking for easier qualifications or if you need faster cash, we have private money investors who can help with Hard Money Loans, Flip & Investment Properties, Renovation, Rehab, Construction, Land, Commercial, Mixed Use, Single & Multi-Family Units...

We only work with the most reputable affiliates to get the best deals.

Consider Us for Private Lending:

* Less stringent requirements

* Higher rate of approval

* Faster closing process

* Flexible loan terms
* Qualification not based on FICO scores

• Equity driven approval

• 60%-70% LTV

• Rehab 60%-65% LTV

• Current N.O.D

• Current 30 days mortgage rate

Conventional / Residential Loans

We have Conventional, FHA and USDA loan programs with conforming and jumbo loan amounts, fixed and ARM rates.​ Conventional loans typically require a borrower to have good-to-excellent credit with a proof of reliable monthly income...

How Do Conventional Loans Compare?

- Interest rates are typically lower for conventional loans (while LTV can be higher)

- More suitable for long term loans (typically 15-30 year mortgage term)

- Works better for owner-occupied, residential, non-commercial properties

- Requires more stricter borrower qualifications with more underwriting guidelines and regulations

- Loan application approval is primarily based on household income, credit score, Loan-To-Value (LTV ratio) and Debt-To-Income (DTI ratio) and overall credit history.

Call us at: 800-822-9808
Find out if you qualify for a Residential  mortgage loan:
Qualify for an Investment Property Loan or Business-Purpose Loan: