NEW Career Opportunities to Work as a Mortgage Loan Officer / Originator in California

If you are looking for NEW opportunities in the Mortgage Business, you should be considering becoming a Mortgage Loan Originator / Loan Officer with an active NMLS MLO license in California so you can help borrowers with loan originations and so you can generate more income by qualifying home buyers into the best suitable loan programs and then get paid HIGH decent commissions from closing loans!

If you are looking for the right company to sponsor your NMLS license, you are welcome to apply as a Loan Officer HERE via MLO Financial -

And if you are looking for outstanding MLO TRAINING programs with useful tools & resources, take a look at this MLO Sponsorship information HERE:

For those who are NEW Loan Officer Licensees in California, we have these valuable training courses and a full overview of lending guidelines & loan programs:

For anyone who is very confident about signing up as a Loan Originator, you can also contact us directly at - Or call: 800-822-9808

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