Apply to be a Mortgage Loan Originator in California - Activate your MLO License - Earn More Income

Have you considered pursuing a career in the Mortgage business? - Then this is the right place where you can activate our license and get all the top training you need to succeed in the business so you can generate and close more loans! -

You can apply to sign up as a Loan Officer in California here via MLO Financial:


(NOTE: you must have a valid CA NMLS license that can be sponsored as a Mortgage Loan Originator license that's approved by the state)

If you do not have a CA MLO license yet, we can help you take the next steps during our training & sponsorship programs. By obtaining an MLO license, you can earn even more income from "point fees" as part of "closing costs" when you help your borrowers be approved for a loan that gets funded.

After you get your license activated, you can get exceptional quality training & support on how best to utilize your potential as a Loan Officer to be a fully active Loan Originator with all the essential tools & resources & guidelines that you need.

For more information on Loan Officer opportunities and how you can join the company to activate your MLO license, please visit: - You may also call: 800-822-9808 - MLO Financial Group

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