Private Money - Fast Cash for Investment Properties & Business-Purpose Loans

Did you know how valuable private money can be for investment properties?

It can easily create a win-win scenario when borrowers can leverage private money much faster than conventional loans with a much better approval rate - especially if they are planning on having a non-owner-occupied investment property or a business-purpose loan.

Some of the best private loans deals and typical properties include:

Fix & Flip, Rehab & Renovation Properties, Commercial, New Construction, Land, Mixed Use, Multi-Family, 1-4 Units Residential, Cashout / Refinance & Bridge Loans.

There are potentially many benefits in using private investors as they play an important role in helping to create lucrative deals in real estate that's why we'd like for you and your clients to take advantage of the private money lending opportunities.

If you OR your clients need faster funding from private money investors, call MLO Financial Group! - 800-822-9808 - Or please visit our website:

MLO Financial Group - Conventional and Private Loans + Loan Officer Sponsorship & Training Programs - NMLS License #1502333

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