How Private Loans Compare to Conventional Loans

Which loan programs do you and your clients prefer the most?

We can accommodate for both: Private and Conventional Loans but we especially focus on the private residential and commercial loans.

If you would like to learn more about how different types of loans compare, and which ones are better options, feel free to contact us or you can also find more info on our website:

How do Private Loans compare to Conventional? - It's easier to qualify for private loans due to less stringent requirements

- Under-writing process and funding is faster for private money

- Can be used for residential AND commercial AND mixed use properties

- Very suitable for real estate investing and commercial loans

- Private loans are also great for short-term loans (typically 12 months or 1-5 years)

- Loan application approvals are mainly based on the % of leveraged property equity, location, property condition, Loan-to-Value (LTV ratio) and Debt-To-Equity (D/E ratio) Do you OR your clients have any loan scenarios that we can take a look at?

- If you need help with mortgage loans, don't hesitate to contact us!

Call: 800-822-9808 - Or please refer to our Private Loans Program page: -

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