How Private Loans Can Help You & Your Clients

MLO Financial Group provides loans to borrowers who DO NOT MEET THE STRINGENT REQUIREMENTS of Conventional Underwriting Guidelines.

> Here is what we offer: * 1st Mortgages for Residential * Owner & Non-Owner Properties * Maximum 65-70% Loan to Value (depending on the case) + Credit Scores NOT Considered + Commercial Loans Maximum 55% Loan to Value + Rehab Loans 55-60% Loan to Value Do you have a buyer/client who can't qualify for

conventional loan financing? - If so, we can help! > NICHE Qualifications: -- FICO Score not considered -- Owner/non-owner-occupancy -- Flips, refinances, purchase loans -- Quick funding process (7-10 days) -- Portfolio product also available for A-Clients (both self-employed & W2 borrowers) We can help your buyers get into that house if they don't qualify for Conventional Lending. It's a WIN-WIN situation! Our integrity and dedication to customer service is what makes

you want to work with us again and again.

We have designed to make the entire loan process QUICK and EASY.

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