Private Loans for Faster Cash for Business Purpose

If you are looking for easier qualifications or FASTER cash for Investment Properties and Business-Purpose Loans, we have many trusted private money investors and lenders. Programs are available for: Residential, Flip Properties & Rentals, Renovation, Rehab, Construction, Land, Distressed, Single & Multi-Family Units, Commercial & Mixed Use... We  work with the most reputable affiliates to get the best deals.

NICHE Qualifications:
Let us help you get the best deal!

* Less stringent requirements

* Higher rate of approval

* Faster closing process

* Flexible loan terms
* Qualification not based on FICO scores

* Equity driven approval

* 60%-70% LTV

* Rehab 60%-65% LTV

* Current N.O.D

* Current 30 days mortgage rate

Or call: 800-822-9808 - Ext: 810

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