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MLO File Documents Organizer
Price: 10.00 per package
  • Blue classy neutral professional color

  • Professional quality paper that doesn't tear easily

  • Can easily fit into a standard folder or special binders


Each package has 16 labeled organizers:

9. Tax Returns

10. Bank Statements

11. Other Accounts - Investment, IRA, 401k 12. Schedule of Real Estate

13. Lease Agreements

14. Escrow

15. Title

16. Appraisal

1. Loan Approvals
2. Approval Conditions
3. Disclosures
4. Miscelleanous

5. Blank Divider–mortgage statement,

& insurance...

6. Application 1003
7. Credit Report

8. VOE-W-2-Paystubs

Although MLO Financial Group processes loan applications and saves loan files electronically, MLO Financial Group also maintains and keeps a hard copy of each loan file for record for 5 years as required. Each loan file is organized with labeled organizers in the order listed above.