CEO of MLO Financial Group - Anh Hau

Anh Hau, CEO of MLO Financial Group, has been in the mortgage lending business for over 30 years.

Before the market crash of 2008, she had conducted over 42 seminars and training classes to independent to brokers throughout California. She is known for her integrity, honesty and ethical conduct in the business. Most importantly, she has established a reputation of closing many hard loans in her loan pipeline. Her motto: “No Loan is Too Hard a Loan.” She brings to MLO Financial Group her expertise and skills to help loan originators succeed and reach their highest goals.

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Phone: (949) 612-0981
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Address: 4020 Birch St. Suite 103Newport Beach, CA 92660
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MLO Financial Group

Location: 4020 Birch St. #103 Newport Beach, CA


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